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ALTWELL Pulito  The Alt Pi Water Purifier AP-0510
ALTWELL Pulito The Alt Pi Water Purifier AP-0510

ALTWELL Pulito The Alt Pi Water Purifier AP-0510

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NEW ALTWELL Pulito The Alt Pi Water Purifier AP-0510Pulito Water Purifier AP-0510
Pulito Water Purifier
Pulito composite filter(AP-0511)
165 178 340(H)mm
Water Pressure1~4 f/
Water Temperature4~25
Size165(W) 340(H) 178(D)
Filter Replacement Period6 months or 2,160 (12 /day)
ComponentsMain body of water purifier, linking hose, fitting/ 10 hose,

one-touch ball valve(safety valve), Water outlet, manual,

water outlet connecting nipple, battery
Separate partPulito stand

Litter 1 Power 6 purifying system!

Experience the healthy water taste of the PULITO purifying system.

1. More convenient in maintaining and managing filters

The 5 stages of filtration system are simplified to one filter. Therefore, it reduces maintenance cost while improving user's convenience to manage this product.

2. Easy to refill the filter

It is designed for users to easily refill filters.

3. Safely designed antiseptic system

It minimizes general propagation using ultra-filtration membrane and silver antiseptic at the final stage.

4. Alarm for filter refill for your convenience

The new method of LED display will let you know the time for filter refill, battery change and purifying state. Also it is very easy to change batteries.

5. Buzzer alarming for under sink users

For under sink users, a buzzer will inform you the time for filter refill.

6. Luxury and simple design

The mini size and simple and modern design will from quality atmosphere in your kitchen.

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